Division For Kids

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  • Before, my math grades failed. I couldnt do division because I havent ever really learned it. I forgot. I cant let them fade. However, I got this app and it is WONDERFUL! It helps me and eventually I got back on track!
  • As an adult returning to primary school (as an education support worker :P), I've found this app a very handy reminder on how to do long division. The app guides you step by step on how to solve and correctly write your equation. Big help, many thanks!
  • Before, my math grades were horrible. I used tons and tons of apps. I still use tons of apps.However, this is the only one I use for division. I am back on track now from using my apps, and this is the best one yet.
  • I think its good because it helps you to do maths and I am only in 3d class
  • I like this
  • This is awesome it helps me. Do so get it